Pediatric Kidney Transplant and Dialysis Program News and Updates

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For Kids With Kidney Disease, Pediatric Expertise Is Key — But Not Always Close By

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Dr. Sandra Amaral, attending physician in CHOP’s Division of Nephrology and the Kidney Transplant and Dialysis Program, led a study recently published in JAMA that found an association between dialysis facility ownership and access to the waiting list and transplant in pediatric patients with end-stage kidney disease in the United States. The findings were covered in this Kaiser Health News article.  

Post-transplant Guidelines and Timelines

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Information about exercise, vaccines and medications, and follow-up visits at CHOP for patients who’ve received a kidney transplant.

Infection Prevention and Control

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Reducing a transplant patient’s risk of infection is very important. Here are tips about hygiene and vaccines.

Support for Our Teenage Patients

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Our multidisciplinary clinic specifically for adolescents and young adults helps them navigate their evolving responsibilities.

Overcoming Barriers to Organ Donor Registration

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Organ transplantation can have a significant impact on a child's quality of life and mortality rate. We address the myths and misconceptions and provide trusted resources about organ donation.