Pediatric Kidney Transplant and Dialysis Program News and Updates

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Summer Camp for Kidney Disease Patients

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Spring is around the corner, and that means it's time to plan for summer camp! There are several camps, located all over the region, designed to meet the needs of children who have chronic kidney disease or who are post-transplant.

Exploring Kidney Disease in Cancer Survivors

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Investigators in CHOP's Division of Nephrology are combining research with multidisciplinary clinics to improve kidney outcomes for children with cancer.

Learning by Listening

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As a first-year fellow, life can be hectic. Joann Spinale, MD, talks about how her experience in dialysis helped her survive that busy year.

When Kidney Transplant Is the Best Option

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Read a case study from the Division of Nephrology about bilateral ptosis, kidney failure and chronic kidney disease, and evaluation for transplantation.