Pediatric Stroke Program Patient Stories

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Cardiac Tumor and Stroke: John's Story


When John, 15, passed out at football practice, CHOP doctors discovered he had a stroke and a rare cardiac tumor. After treatment, John is doing well.

Pediatric Stroke: Chase’s Story

Chase sitting in his room with a basketball trophy

Chase suffered a massive stroke when he was 7. Surgery followed by therapy with CHOP’s Pediatric Stroke Program helped him regain most of his mobility.

Arterial Ischemic Stroke: Bella’s Story


Bella suffered a stroke as a baby, and her road to recovery has included years of therapy with CHOP’s Pediatric Stroke Program. Now 8, she dreams of becoming an engineer.

Hemorrhagic Stroke: Nate’s Story

Nate with his siblings

Before he was born, Nate suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that severely damaged his brain. Early intervention at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia started him on a journey to healing.

Living with Stroke: A Sibling Story

Lindsay and Jadon

Lindsay was only 3 years old when her brother, Jadon, had a stroke. Now 10, she shares what it feels like growing up with a sibling who’s suffered a stroke.

Adapting After Stroke: Bryan’s Story


Bryan has come a long way since he was in a wheelchair and unable to speak after suffering a stroke. Learn how Bryan and his family are adapting along the road to recovery.