Pediatric Thyroid Center Patient Stories

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Papillary Thyroid Cancer: Zach’s Story

Zach displaying his baseball bats

When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to derail a scheduled checkup at CHOP’s Pediatric Thyroid Center, this family’s medical journey became a cross-country adventure.

Papillary Thyroid Cancer: Felicia's Story

Thyroid Patient Felicia

Felicia thought her long childhood battle with cancer was over until she was diagnosed with a new cancer — papillary thyroid cancer — in her sophomore year of college.

Thyroid Cancer: Josh's Story


After the endocrinologist who had been treating Joshua's thyroid cancer said he didn't know what to next, his family turned to the Pediatric Thyroid Center at CHOP for help.

Thyroid Nodule: Jessica's Story


An MRI after a gymnastics injury showed that Jessica has a worrisome spot on her thyroid. Her family brought her to CHOP to be seen by a specialist.