Preparing for Your Child’s Appointment with the Pseudotumor Cerebri Collaborative Clinic

Making appointments

Before a patient can make an appointment with CHOP’s Pseudotumor Cerebri Collaborative Clinic, they must have the diagnosis of PTCS confirmed by Dr. Liu or Dr. Avery. If your child has not yet been evaluated by one of these doctors, and you would like your child to be seen in the collaborative clinic, you must first make a regular new patient visit by calling Ophthalmology at 215-590-2791.

Before your visit

Before your child’s first clinic visit, please review the following information.

Please gather the following forms and bring them to the clinic. If you do not have the information requested, we ask that you contact your child’s pediatrician for the necessary medical information.

  • Scheduled new endocrinology patients will receive a message to complete a welcome questionnaire.
  • Growth chart: We must have a copy of your child’s growth chart so that we can give your child a comprehensive growth evaluation. Please obtain a copy of this chart from your child’s pediatrician and bring it to your appointment.
  • Insurance referrals and authorizations, if required by your insurance plan, to be seen by the providers in clinic as well as receive lab and radiology services. If insurance does not cover the cost of your office visit, you will be financially responsible. CHOP has additional information to help you with insurance questions, or you can contact our clinic coordinator for assistance.

Day of your visit

On the day of your child’s clinic visit, make sure to bring all of the required forms with you. Please plan to arrive at CHOP 20 minutes prior to your child’s scheduled appointment time. Each appointment will last 30-60 minutes.

  • If Dr. Liu is your child’s neuro-ophthalmologist, he will see your child in the ophthalmology clinic on the 11th floor of the Buerger Center on our Main Campus in Philadelphia. If Dr. Avery is your child’s neuro-ophthalmologist, he will see you on another day.
  • Your child will also be seen by our pediatric endocrinologist, Shana McCormack, MD, in the endocrinology clinic on the 7th floor of the Buerger Center.
  • If your child is overweight or obese, they will also be seen by our dietitian Sarah Barnes MS, RD, CSP, LDN, in the endocrinology clinic on the 7th floor of the Buerger Center.