Transition to Adulthood Program

Transition to Adulthood is the term used to describe the process experienced by youth with special healthcare needs and disabilities as they become adults. Transition to adulthood in health care includes getting ready for health care as an adult. It also includes other aspects of life such as education, employment, social skills, and more. The goal of transition is for adolescents and young adults to move toward independence. When patients turn 18, there are certain changes that take place in their healthcare in order to comply with privacy laws.

Our Programs


REACH (Rapport, Empowerment, Advocacy, through Connections and Health) programs are for adolescents, teens, and young adults with chronic conditions and their parents. The goal is to prepare youth with special healthcare needs for a successful transition into adulthood by providing peer support, guidance, and resources. REACH programs include presentations from healthcare providers, separate parent and adolescent/teen/young adult sessions, and discussion of community resources. Examples of REACH events include REACH for Epilepsy, REACH for College, REACH for Sickle Cell, and more.

Career Path

The CHOP Career Path Program (CCP) is a Supported Employment program for individuals with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses. Services are provided at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. CCP can provide vocational interest assessments, career planning and mapping, interview skills/resume writing practice, internship placement for skills training, job seeking strategies, and more. To be considered for the program a referral to the PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation is needed. You can be referred by your medical team, your social worker or school. 

Transition to Adult Care Team (MINT)

The Transition to Adult Care Team, also know as the Multidisciplinary Intervention Navigation Team (MINT) is an interdisciplinary consult service that works with you, your family and your healthcare teams to improve the quality and safety of your transition from CHOP to adult healthcare. To work with the Transition to Adult Care Team, you must be referred by a CHOP provider.

The team can help with:

  • Creating a transition care plan that includes an updated medical summary
  • Finding adult doctors and nurse practitioners 
  • Answering health insurance questions
  • Coordinating care across CHOP and adult hospitals
  • Transferring your medical records to your new provider
  • Teaching you how to become more independent with your medical care, for example, learning how to talk to your doctors
  • Finding services and support in the community