Transition to Adulthood Services

Transition to Adulthood is the term used to describe the process experienced by youth with special healthcare needs and disabilities as they become adults. Transition to adulthood in health care includes getting ready for health care as an adult. It also includes other aspects of life such as education, employment, social skills, and more. The goal of transition is for adolescents and young adults to move toward independence. When patients turn 18, there are certain changes that take place in their healthcare in order to comply with privacy laws.

Our Programs

  • REACH (Rapport, Empowerment, Advocacy, through Connections and Health) programs are for adolescents, teens, and young adults with chronic conditions and their parents.
  • Career Path The CHOP Career Path Program (CCP) is a Supported Employment program for individuals with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses.
  • Adult Care and Transition Team The ACTT is an interdisciplinary consult service that helps you transition from CHOP to adult healthcare.
  • New Jersey Transition to Adult Coordinated Care Program NJTACC helps teens and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve a successful transition into adulthood.