About the Trisomy 21 Program

Trisomy 21 Program began in 2003. Today, our program offers a multidisciplinary team approach for the evaluation and ongoing treatment of the emotional, behavioral, developmental, and neurologic health needs of children and adults with Down syndrome (also known as trisomy 21)Individuals can enter the program as early as birth or at any point throughout their lives. 

Our program supports individuals with trisomy 21, their families and healthcare teams by providing education, healthcare collaboration and a comprehensive review of the developmental, behavioral, educational, psychosocial and medical issues common in individuals with Down syndrome. 

The Trisomy 21 Program at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has access to a large network of experienced and caring medical specialists throughout the Hospital and the tri-state area. Referrals are made based on the Trisomy 21 clinic evaluation. Our team also supports coordination of healthcare services in the community. 

Our multidisciplinary team

Our pediatric team consists of a developmental pediatrician, nurse practitioner, speech therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and a social worker who provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to care.

Our adult team consists of a neurologist, nurse practitioner, physical therapist, and social worker who can offer quality care, as well as transition guidance.

Our services

In addition to developmental-behavioral pediatrics and neurology, the Trisomy 21 Program at Children’s Hospital has access to a network of numerous, caring medical specialists throughout the Hospital who have an interest in Down syndrome. Referrals are made based on the Trisomy 21 clinic evaluation.

Prenatal consultation

When families receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, our program can offer up-to-date information and resources. We are also available to meet with expectant parents to provide an opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge about Down syndrome.

Adult patients

Our adult patients with Down syndrome are evaluated through CHOP's Division of Neurology, where the focus is on the patient’s neurological status. Psychosocial issues, in addition to physical therapy assessments, are provided as needed. We discuss your concerns, review the patient’s medical history and make sure all recommended tests have been addressed. New neurological problems are evaluated as they arise.

Professional training

CHOP is a teaching institution. We feel strongly that clinicians-in-training need to learn about the needs of children with Down syndrome. Doctors just out of medical school, doctors undergoing specialty training, visiting doctors, nursing and medical students, and other medical professionals may be part of your child's evaluating team. Nurse practitioners also work with our physicians. All are closely supervised by an experienced physician.

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