About the Undiagnosed Diseases Network at CHOP

Coordinated national research

The Undiagnosed Disease Network (UDN) brings together leading clinical and research experts from around the country – including CHOP – to solve the most challenging medical mysteries affecting patients today.

The goals of this group are multi-faceted:

  • To help individual patients and families living with undiagnosed diseases
  • To develop innovative treatment options for these patients
  • To develop better approaches for patients with rare diseases or conditions that are difficult to diagnose

Clinical sites

The Undiagnosed Diseases Network includes 12 clinical sites across the country where patients are seen.  Most patients seen in the UDN at CHOP site will be from the Pennsylvania or New Jersey area, however, applicants can request any site.

At each clinical site, doctors and specialists – such as neurologists, immunologists, nephrologists, endocrinologists and geneticists – collaborate to help find the cause of each child's symptoms and develop potential solutions to treat the underlying disease and/or improve the symptoms.

Along with examining patients, the UDN also performs:

  • Genetic sequencing
  • Model organism screening
  • Metabolomics, providing our network with advanced tools to study any biological markers that may be related to your child's disease

Collaboration with Penn Medicine

Adults may be seen in the Penn Medicine Health System. The application process is the same for adults. Learn more about the application process.

Next Steps