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Global Immunization: Childhood Vaccine Coverage in Botswana

Published on in Vaccine News

Since its independence in 1966, Botswana has made investing in health, including childhood immunizations, a priority. Its routine pediatric vaccination rates are very high; in fact, national immunization rates surpass many of the World Health Organization’s goals.

The Omnibus Autism Hearing - Op-ed

Published on in CHOP News

Read Dr. Offit's op-ed originally published in The Boston Globe about a federal court hearing in June 2007 where lawyers for 4,800 autistic children argued that vaccines caused autism.

Pandemic Flu, the Cutter Incident and Vaccine Liability - Op-ed

Published on in Parents PACK

In this op-ed, Dr. Offit explains how litigation against vaccine manufacturers has done more harm than good. He writes about how "vaccine courts," where scientists, epidemiologists and clinicians review data and decide whether the claim is valid, will bring reason and fairness to decisions about vaccine safety.

Death of an Autistic Child From Chelation Therapy - Op-ed

Published on in Parents PACK

In his op-ed, Dr. Offit gives a brief summary of a family's experience with autism and their desperate attempt to treat their son that ended in a tragedy. He then addresses why mercury in vaccines is not the cause of autism and why this myth has been so prevalent.