Specialty Care, Lancaster

2106 / 2110 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601
Appointments and Questions: 717-544-0375

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia specialists provide care for pediatric patients in two buildings at Lancaster General Health's Suburban Pavilion on Harrisburg Pike. New patient visits and follow-up appointments are available.

  • For cardiology and neurology appointments, go to 2106 Harrisburg Pike, Suite 22, Lancaster, PA 17601. 
  • For gastroenterology, ENT and endocrinology and diabetes appointments, go to 2110 Harrisburg Pike, Suite 102, Lancaster, PA 17601.

Children's Hospital cardiologists also offer pediatric inpatient care at Lancaster General Hospital. We’re proud to be part of the Lancaster community!

Navigating COVID-19

Our team of pediatric specialists from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are nationally recognized experts in their fields, offering the most advanced care for your child closer to home.