Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Receives $450,000 Donation to Help Form the First Global Resuscitation Alliance and Resuscitation Training Academy for Children

The Asmund Laerdal Foundation and RQI Partners LLC’s Philanthropic Support Will Advance Best Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Prevention, Preparation, Education, and Resuscitation Practices

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) announced today that it has received a donation of $450,000 from the Asmund Laerdal Foundation and RQI Partners LLC, a partnership between the American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical, to support the first-ever Global Resuscitation Alliance and CHOP Academy for Resuscitation of Children (ARC) to disseminate an evidence-based, 10-step global resuscitation alliance model across more than 50 centers worldwide.

“The chances of survival following in-hospital pediatric cardiac arrest ranges from 10 percent to 70 percent,” said Vinay M. Nadkarni, MD, Founding Director of the Academy for Resuscitation of Children at CHOP. “Most healthcare organizations have limited expertise, capacity and systems of care to efficiently measure and improve how they recognize, prevent, prepare for, and treat pediatric cardiac arrests and clinical emergencies. With this philanthropic support, we are one step closer to eliminating disparities in outcomes by providing evidence-based, optimal resuscitation practices in hospitals in communities all over the world.”

Over the next three years, CHOP will build a new virtual wing onto its existing foundational platform of the Resuscitation Science Center, led by Robert Sutton, MD, and Todd Kilbaugh, MD, to create the CHOP ARC. The ARC will adapt, implement, and disseminate evidence-based resuscitation guidelines to healthcare centers around the globe. The donation will also be used to expand CHOP’s existing international clinical “pediRES-Q” quality improvement network learning co-laboratory from 30 to 50 sites. Research will also be done in conjunction with the American Heart Association and international resuscitation councils on evolving medical science, educational efficiency, and best local implementation practice to improve survival and quality of life outcomes for children.

CHOP has partnered with the Laerdal Foundation, RQI Partners LLC, and the American Heart Association to generate evidence-informed pediatric resuscitation education and training methodology and tools for more than two decades.

“This philanthropic commitment to CHOP and the Global Resuscitation Academy for Children represents our commitment to saving more lives across the world,” said Tore Laerdal, Executive Director of the Laerdal Foundation.  “We are delighted to support CHOP to pioneer the next generation training and implementation techniques that will evolve into a learning healthcare system.”

“CHOP is an international thought leader that will help disseminate best practices across the world,” said Brian Eigel, PhD, CEO of RQI Partners LLC.

This funding is complementary to the Ferrier, Nicoletti and Peruto families’ donation, as well as one of the key first philanthropic steps toward a $10 million goal to support CHOP’s ongoing mission to advance the next generation of pediatric emergency cardiovascular care and resuscitation practices. Learn more about the Global Resuscitation Alliance, Academy for Resuscitation of Children and the Resuscitation Science Center at CHOP.

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