Glitter for Your Keto Kid’s Birthday Cake

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Birthday parties on the ketogenic diet can be challenging — especially the birthday cake. Our Dietary Treatment Program offers multiple keto recipes online to satisfy the sweet tooth, but it’s difficult to create a bright, colorful dessert without carbohydrates and food coloring.

A new product, Edible Glitter by CK Products, could make your keto kid’s birthday treats more inviting and still keep them safe. This product could be a game changer for ketogenic birthday desserts and we couldn’t wait to share it with our families!

Edible Glitter is available in hundreds of colors and shapes; however, we’ve noticed that some of the varieties contain added carbohydrates that we don’t want our keto kids consuming. Due to this reason, we are only approving the Multi-Color Edible Glitter.

Before purchasing, ensure the label reads "edible glitter," and not dust, shapes or flakes; all of which contain added carbohydrates.

The edible glitter does not contain any flavor or sweetness; therefore, you should not add it to recipes. It is simply for decoration to sprinkle over top of the treats you prepare. While there is not an exact gram amount or measurement to use while decorating, we advise you to only sprinkle the glitter on top of the dessert for color.

Something for chocolate lovers

We’re also excited to introduce ChocZero chocolate squares as a new carbohydrate exchange.

Unlike other low carbohydrate chocolates, this brand contains no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols; it is simply sweetened with natural monk fruit. Since it is naturally sweetened, it doesn’t leave an artificial after taste like other sugar free chocolates.

These chocolates have become exceedingly popular in the low-carb population and sell out quickly. To ensure you know when the product is back in stock, we recommend adding your email address to the company’s mailing list on its website.

Although the chocolate squares are individually wrapped, weighing and calculating is still required for precise and accurate measurement. ChocZero also manufactures other products including chocolate bark and syrups, however they contain too many carbohydrates to be useful for the ketogenic diet.

Gram amounts for 1 carbohydrate exchange:

  • ChocZero Milk Chocolate Squares: 2.5 gm (-1 gm fat)
  • ChocZero 70 percent Dark Chocolate Squares: 2 gm (-1 gm fat)
  • ChocZero 92 percent Dark Chocolate Squares: 2.5 gm (-1 gm fat)
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