Dina and Diana Dina Mastrogiovanni and Diana Lansinger The Spina Bifida Program is excited to welcome occupational therapists Diana Lansinger and Dina Mastrogiovanni to clinic.

The goal of occupational therapy (OT) in the Spina Bifida Clinic is to help foster independence in all aspects of a child's life. This includes self-care areas such as participation in dressing, bathing, and bowel and bladder regimens as well as the ability to engage in play and age-appropriate leisure activities.

Additionally, OT can help identify appropriate adaptive equipment for use in your child’s daily routine and provide recommendations to best support you and your child's life skills goals.

Diana and Dina bring a diverse skill set to clinic including expertise in feeding and swallowing and adaptive seating, respectively. They look forward to meeting our amazing patients and families!

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