Why Choose CHOP for Your Child's Surgery

When faced with the prospect of your child's surgery, you need information. You want experienced surgeons. You want to know that your child is receiving the best and most compassionate care, and that the healthcare providers are working as a team.

The most experienced surgeons

At Children’s Hospital, you’ll find world-class pediatric surgeons with expertise in meeting children’s unique surgical needs. We have a long history of providing some of the finest, compassionate, multidisciplinary care in the nation. C. Everett Koop, MD, established the Division of General Surgery in 1946 as the first pediatric surgical specialty in the city of Philadelphia, and the second such service in North America.

We now perform approximately 4,000 general and thoracic surgical procedures each year, including minimally invasive options. Our extensive surgical team consists of pediatric general surgeons, pediatric transplant surgeons and advanced practice nurses skilled in the surgical and postoperative care of premature babies, neonates, children and adolescents. Our surgeons are also all faculty members at the University of Pennsylvania.

State-of-the-art facilities

The operating room complex at Children’s Hospital is equipped with 23 high-definition MIS suites and instruments specially selected for use in infants and children.

Our pediatric surgical research laboratories, located in the Abramson Center, are dedicated to research and advancing knowledge of pediatric surgical techniques.

Children’s Hospital also houses one of the premier pediatric surgical training facilities in the nation. In the William Maul Measey Pediatric Surgical Training Laboratory, the Hospital’s residents and fellows get the chance to hone their minimally invasive surgery skills in simulated experiences using state-of-the-art technology in the Pediatric Endoscopic Surgical Training & Advancement Laboratory (PEDESTAL). The lab includes laparoscopic surgery practice stations and provides a place for the most experienced surgeons to hone the latest techniques and invent new surgical tools and procedures.

Surgical services closer to home

Our Specialty Care and Ambulatory Surgery Centers offer a growing number of surgical procedures — performed by renowned Children’s Hospital surgeons — at convenient locations in your community. Each Center provides outpatient general and specialty surgical services to children of all ages. Outpatient surgical consultations and follow-up appointments are available at additional locations.

For your convenience, we also offer one-day surgery for select procedures.

Coordinated care for your child

Our surgical team works closely with the Hospital’s many pediatric subspecialists to provide integrated care before, during and after surgery. We also provide ongoing support and coordinated care to patients and families following surgery for complex diseases, with multidisciplinary programs dedicated to specific conditions.

No matter what your child’s condition, he will have access to a full team of the nation’s top pediatric specialists. CHOP is consistently ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report’s annual survey of the nation’s Best Children’s Hospitals.

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