Fetal Surgery

Fetal surgery is a highly complex surgical intervention to repair birth defects in the womb that requires the most expert care for both mother and unborn baby. Improved fetal imaging and diagnostic tools have allowed us to identify more precisely when conditions worsen during fetal development. This knowledge has helped us develop new ways to help babies sooner while in utero. Today, fetal therapy is recognized as one of the most promising fields in pediatric medicine, and prenatal surgery (surgery before birth) is becoming an option for a growing number of babies with birth defects.

Treatments We Provide

Fetal interventions performed at Children’s Hospital include:

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Celebrates Birth of 2,000th Fetal Surgery Patient

Why Choose Us?

Our fetal surgery experts are pioneers in fetal medicine with the greatest collective experience in the world. Learn about our surgical expertise, multidisciplinary team approach, and commitment to patient safety that means the best outcomes for your baby.

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Tour our Fetal Center

Watch this video tour to learn what to expect at your first visit to the Wood Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment.

Pregnant Mom and Child

What to Expect

From the moment of referral through delivery and postnatal care, your family can expect a supportive experience when you come to us with a diagnosis of a birth defect.

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