Gluing Procedure to Treat Plastic Bronchitis

This video shows selective glue embolization of a lymphatic channel originating from the distal thoracic duct that was causing plastic bronchitis.


Gluing Procedure to Treat Plastic Bronchitis

Narrator: This video shows an x ray of a lung where a gluing procedure is used to treat plastic bronchitis. The doctor finds the lymphatic channels that are leaking fluid into the lung and fills those channels with a special glue. Now, the glue blocks the abnormal lymphatic channels and the lymphatic fluid can correctly drain into the subclavian vein instead of into the lung. Now let's watch again in the x ray. Here is the glue filling the abnormal lymphatic channel to the lung. After treatment, we see the glue still plugging that channel to the lung, but now lymphatic fluid drains into the subclavian vein instead.

Topics Covered: Plastic Bronchitis

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