Cardiac Center Patient Stories

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Tetralogy of Fallot: Marla's Story


Marla recounts her experience growing up with tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and how the passion of the nurses at CHOP inspired her own career in nursing.

Tetralogy of Fallot: Matthew's Story


Diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot at a New Mexico hospital, Matthew was transferred to CHOP's Cardiac Center for surgical treatment and long-term follow-up care.

Tricuspid Atresia: Jason's Story


Born with tricuspid atresia and several other heart conditions, Jason underwent four heart surgeries at CHOP's Cardiac Center before his 5th birthday.

Tricuspid Atresia: Srishti's Story


Born with tricuspid atresia, a congenital heart defect, Srishti had three open-heart surgeries at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.