Why Choose The Center for Pediatric Resuscitation

Our team. Your partners.

Our center includes world-renowned experts in the field of resuscitation. The center is led by Vinay Nadkarni, MD, MS, Robert Berg, MD, Robert Sutton, MD, MSCE, Todd Kilbaugh, MD, Alexis Topjian, MD, MSCE, and Dana Niles, MS. These international leaders have consistently pioneered, evaluated and implemented cutting-edge resuscitation science interventions and training in both resource-rich and resource-poor environments. 

Dr. Nadkarni also founded CHOP’s Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation, the premier pediatric simulation training, education and research center, which influences and promotes simulation to improve healthcare quality and safety locally, nationally and internationally.

Peak Performance Laboratory

Caring for critically ill and injured children is extremely challenging. The stress and cognitive overload of this work can cause some team members to “freeze,” function poorly, miscommunicate and make errors. Over time, healthcare providers often develop and exhibit signs of fatigue, stress, distraction, job dissatisfaction and burnout. CHOP’s Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation “peak performance lab” functions to improve medical equipment usability, care delivery protocols and resilient performance, and assess cognitive load, teamwork behavior, stress, fatigue, distractibility, resilience, and performance during both simulated and real high-stress patient care situations.

We have developed tools and a state-of-the art clinical learning laboratory focused on improving healthcare provider resilience, teamwork and mindfulness in an effort to advance discovery and implementation of best pediatric resuscitation practice.