Our Financial Commitment to the Community

When all of the programs and services that Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provides to the communities we serve are combined, the cost is more than $470 million in fiscal year 2021.

Financial Assistance / Charity Care

Cost of medical care services for families that qualify for CHOP’s financial assistance policy
Amount: $6,947,711

Medicaid Programs

Unreimbursed cost of Medicaid and other means-tested government health programs
Amount: $210,872,499

Community Health Improvement Services

Community-based clinical services, health education and support services focused on public health
Amount: $10,147,067

Health Professions Education

Net costs incurred by CHOP to train health professionals, including pediatricians
Amount: $50,042,780

Subsidized Health Services

Hospital-based clinical services provided at a financial loss to the organization
Amount: $47,779,262


Cost of studies that identify new treatments and cures
Amount: $144,197,754

Cash and In-kind Contributions

Funds and goods provided to other organizations to provide community benefit
Amount: $326,696

All financial data is for fiscal year July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021. These reports include amounts expended by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s hospital facilities, as reported on Schedule H of the IRS Form 990, and our controlled affiliates, including our physician practice plans, which are not required to complete Schedule H. Accordingly, the values on this fact sheet are greater than the amounts reported in the CHOP Schedule H, which applies only to our hospital facilities. It does not include grants and contributions that support community benefit programs. For more information, call CHOP’s Office of Community Impact at 267-426-5506.

Financial Assistance Policy Summary: The mission of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is to advance healthcare for children. To help children get the care that they need, CHOP provides financial assistance for medically necessary and emergency care to patients who meet the eligibility requirements. If CHOP determines that a patient is eligible, CHOP will waive 100% of the patient’s financial responsibility (after all applicable insurances and other government assistance). Learn more at www.chop.edu/services/financial-assistance.

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