Diabetes Center Patient Stories

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Type 1 Diabetes: Asher's Story

Patient Story Asher Diabetes

When Asher was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 3 and a half, his family had a lot to learn about the disease and how to control it. But six months later, Asher was using an insulin pump and his diabetes was under control.

Type 1 Diabetes: Robbie’s Story

Robbie Sitting

After Robbie's diabetes diagnosis, his family's strategy was to embrace education. The learning never ends as they continuously find new ways to help Robbie strive for independence in diabetes management.

Type 1 Diabetes: Tim’s Story

tim and his family

In the summer of 2012, Tim was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He knew he needed to get control of his diabetes so he could fully enjoy high school and all it offered: meeting new friends, learning new things — and even playing football.

Type 1 Diabetes: Ana’s Story


In the 10 years since her diagnosis with type 1 diabetes, Ana had learned so much about herself and her accomplishments. She wrote down what this bittersweet, 10-year anniversary means to her.

Type 1 Diabetes: Andrew's Story

Andrew Davis knows the ups and downs of living with type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed at age 5, he is now a junior at Rutgers University.

Type 1 Diabetes: The Delaney Family

delaney family

When two members of the Delaney family were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, they came to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to learn how they can all live well with diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes: Chase's Story


In New Year’s Day in 2001, Chase Kroll was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Ten years later, he is headed to college. CHOP's Diabetes Center for Children helped him take control of his health.


Type 1 Diabetes: Ellen's Story


When Ellen began college in Richmond, VA, managing her type 1 diabetes became more difficult. Working at a summer camp for kids with diabetes helped get her back on track.