Heart Failure and Transplant Program Patient Stories

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Giant Cell Myocarditis: Jackson’s Story

Jackson smiling

Two years ago, Jackson was on life support after being diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening heart disorder. Now 15, he’s an active teen looking forward to the future.

Heart Transplant: Kylee's Story

Kylee laughing

Kylee is a happy and healthy 5-year-old girl thanks in large part to a heart transplant at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Heart Transplant: Amber’s Story

Amber and her horse

Amber received a new heart at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. After years of poor health, she’s now enjoying an active life again.

Heart Transplant: Stosh’s Story


Diagnosed with heart defects before birth, Stosh had heart surgery in utero, three reconstructive procedures in his first four years, then a heart transplant.

Heart Transplant: Tyler’s Story

Tyler smiling

Tyler was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a complex congenital heart defect. After a heart transplant, the 5-year-old is thriving.