Homeless Health Initiative News and Updates

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Healthy Baby Program

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The HHI Healthy Baby Program was designed in 2013 to provide support to mothers of infants in shelters through breastfeeding support classes, health education workshops and classes on transitioning out of shelter with young children and infants.

Motherhood Seen Through Different Eyes

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Loving, nurturing and feeding your baby is important to any mother,but how much more challenging is it for a mother living in shelter with a newborn?

In My Own Backyard

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While it seems that most families in Mercer County are living comfortably, there are countless invisible families struggling to find food and shelter and also seeking quality primary care and emergency services for their children.

HHI Social Worker Honored By National Homeless Network

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Melissa Berrios Johnson, MSW, social work trainer for CHOP's Homeless Health Initiative, was honored with the annual Award for Outstanding Service by the Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network.