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Working to Decrease Opioid Use After Major Urologic Reconstruction

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A recent analysis of our multimodal pain management protocol found that emphasizing a transition in perioperative pain management toward non-opioid multimodal regimens utilizing NSAIDs for common urological reconstructive procedures is not only feasible and safe but also may confer an advantage over the use of opiates.

Fever in Kids

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Watch this video to learn why children get fevers and when to call the doctor.

Faster Pain Relief for Children With Fractures

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When clinicians in CHOP’s ED found that patients were sometimes waiting more than an hour for pain relief — too long by CHOP’s standards — they addressed the issue by implementing a quality improvement project.

Rapid Recovery Pathway for Idiopathic Scoliosis

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Can children head home just a few days after major spine surgery, with their pain under control? Healthcare providers at CHOP changed their method of care to make it possible for their adolescent patients.