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CHOP Welcomes World-Renowned Sarcoma Expert

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Patrick J. Grohar, MD, PhD, focuses on developing therapies for a cancer that’s rare in adults but relatively common in the pediatric population.

CHAMP Lab Brings Medical Imaging to Life

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3D modeling process of a teenage girl's pelvic bone

The CHAMP Lab at CHOP has created numerous 3D models to aide in the surgical care of patients with complex congenital anomalies and tumors.

Working to Improve Cure Rates for High-risk Neuroblastoma

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Researchers at CHOP are working to discover the fundamental mechanisms that subvert normal neural development and orchestrate neuroblastoma tumorigenesis, and then to translate this knowledge into more effective and less toxic therapies.

Rarity of Ewing Sarcoma Makes Quick Diagnosis Uncommon

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We present three cases of Ewing sarcoma treated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where a multidisciplinary team of experts focuses on curing the patients as well as preserving limb function and growth potential.