ICU Clinical Pathway for Therapeutic Hypothermia Treatment for Neonates with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)

Expedite transfer for therapeutic hypothermia as possible within 6 hours of life OR Begin active/passive cooling
  • Contact Numbers for CHOP
  • Neonatology Consult
    • 215-590-3083
  • Transport Request
    • 215-590-2160
Patient Transported
Neurological Monitoring
Imaging Studies
Patient Eligible for Therapeutic Hypothermia
Posted: December 2018
Revised: April 2021
Authors: Flibotte, J. MD; Dysart, K. MD; Stoller, J. MD; Vossough, A. MD; Billinghurst, L. MD; Abend, N. MD;
Massey, S. MD; Cook, N. MD; Hufnal, C. MD; Heimall, L. MSN; Fung, F. MD; Fitzgerald, M. MD; A. Bustin, PharmD; S. Sadashiv, MD