Education and Training

Medical School

MD - University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, Chicago, IL


Pediatrics - Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Child Neurology - Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA


Pediatric Epilepsy - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA
Epilepsy Neurogenetics - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA

Board Certification

Child Neurology – American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Graduate Degree

PhD - University of Chicago, Committee on Computational Neuroscience, Chicago, IL

Titles and Academic Titles

ENGIN Neurogeneticists and Epileptologists Provider

Departments and Services

Research Interests

Applying machine learning techniques to electronic medical data to delineate novel disease trajectories and develop seizure prediction models to guide the care of neonates and children with epilepsy. Additional research interests include SYNGAP1-related neurodevelopmental disorder and data-driven approaches to identifying candidates for epilepsy surgery.




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Xian J, Ruggiero SM, McKee JL, and Helbig I. (Nov 8th, 2021) A data-driven analysis of changes in anti-seizure medications after genetic diagnosis in 1,598 individuals with genetic epilepsies. MidAtlantic Bioinformatics Conference 2021, Philadelphia, PA.

Awards and Honors

2022-2024, Omics Maximizing Grant recipient Identifying disease trajectories in pediatric epilepsy through integration of multi-omics data
2021, Zeritsky Clinical Research Award, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Neurology
2021, American Epilepsy Society, Fellow
2020, Pellock Fellowship, Child Neurology Society
2018-2021, Zeritsky Clinical Research Award
2007-2016, Pritzker scholarship, University of Chicago, Prtizker School of Medicine
2007, Dr. Kathleen Terroux Prize in Physiology

Leadership and Memberships

Memberships in Professional Organizations

2021-present, American Epilepsy Society
2020-present, Child Neurology Society
2018-present, American Academy of Neurology
2004-present, Golden Key International Honor Society
2014-present, American College of Physicians