Around the World: Staying Safe and Healthy During Holiday Travel

Published on in Parents PACK

Whether it is for business, vacation, or to visit family and friends for the upcoming holidays, many people travel during the winter months. Though most people do not anticipate getting sick, being prepared can help prevent or mitigate the consequences of an illness when traveling — especially if your plans include international travel.

The CDC recently issued several travel notices. These notices are useful whether you are going to other parts of the world or if you have family or friends coming to visit you. For example, people traveling to or from Nigeria, Laos or Ukraine should be fully vaccinated against polio, and adults traveling from the U.S. to these places should get a single booster dose because of recent outbreaks of polio in these countries. Similarly, those traveling to or from Germany or Scotland are recommended to be fully vaccinated with the MMR vaccine since there are currently concerns about measles and mumps, respectively, in these countries.

Visit the CDC’s travel notice page to view the notices mentioned above as well as the full list of travel notices.

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