Ask the VEC: Vax Pack Hero Trading Cards

Published on in Parents PACK

Q.  How can I get hero cards for my child?

A.  Vaccine hero trading cards can be obtained in two ways:

  • Starter Pack — Players who complete 10 rounds of game play can claim a free starter pack of hero cards. This pack contains physical versions of the eight heroes players get at the start of game play. Once players reach the 10-round achievement, they are given a claim code. Parents or another adult can then complete an online claim form using the code to have the free prize mailed to them. (Limit one per household; see contest official rules).
  • Other hero cards — Remaining vaccine hero trading cards can be ordered from the Vaccine Education Center for a small fee. Three different packs each contain 14 additional hero cards. Download our order form or go to and click on Order Trading Cards for pricing and order options.

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