Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia President and CEO Releases Special Podcast Series

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Pioneered at CHOP logo Doctors and scientists at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) are making breakthroughs that are transforming children’s lives – and changing the world. In “Pioneered at CHOP,” a five-episode special series of her popular podcast Breaking Through with Madeline Bell, CHOP President and CEO Madeline Bell speaks with five CHOP doctors and scientists about the stories behind some of their groundbreaking work.

With episodes focused on everything from gene sequencing and repairing birth defects in utero, to building a new world-class hospital, the series gives listeners a glimpse into the world and minds of leading pioneers at CHOP.

Episode 1 - Sequenced: Using Genetics to Solve Medical Mysteries with Dr. Ian Krantz

Strange symptoms with no clear cause. Medical histories that mystify even the most experienced doctors. Ian Krantz, MD, Co-Director of CHOP’s Roberts Individualized Medical Genetics Center, specializes in solving “medical mysteries” – and he and his team have found answers for many patients who had almost given up hope. He joins Madeline to discuss the latest advances in precision medicine, why it’s important to share data with other scientists, and more.

Episode 2 - Transformed: Repairing Birth Defects Before Birth with Dr. Scott Adzick

The idea of repairing birth defects before babies are born seemed like a radical one to many. But N.Scott Adzick, MD, Director of CHOP’s Richard D. Wood Jr. Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment, was determined to pursue it – and today, he’s considered a pioneer in the field of fetal surgery. He shares insights from his remarkable career with Madeline and reveals some of the incredible breakthroughs that are on the horizon for his team.

Episode 3 - Realized: Delivering on the Promise of Gene Therapy with Dr. Katherine High

World-renowned hematologist and scientist Katherine High, MD, has spent much of her career focused on achieving a goal few believed was possible: developing gene therapies and getting them to patients. Dr. High joins Madeline to talk about her journey from idea to breakthrough – and what it was like to create Spark Therapeutics, a company based on her innovations. 

Episode 4 - Inspired: Building a World-Class Hospital, Close to Home with Dr. Jan Boswinkel

This fall, CHOP will celebrate an important milestone: the grand opening of its new hospital in King of Prussia, Pa.  Jan Boswinkel, MD, Chief Operating Officer of the King of Prussia hospital, joins Madeline to talk about what this milestone means for patients, families and the community – and shares what it’s like to build a new hospital from the ground up.

Episode 5 - Discovered: Making Breakthroughs in Cardiac Care with Dr. Jonathan Chen

The team at CHOP’s Cardiac Center has been making life-changing breakthroughs for children for many years. The center’s co-director, pediatric heart surgeon Jonathan Chen, MD, joins Madeline to discuss his team’s latest innovations – and to share his vision for the future of pediatric cardiac care.

“Pioneered at CHOP” is part of Madeline Bell’s podcast, Breaking Through, which takes listeners behind-the-scenes to meet the brilliant minds who are making and supporting incredible breakthroughs in pediatric medicine at CHOP. The podcast, which began in 2018, has featured a range of experts, including Stephan Grupp, MD, PhD, the oncologist who pioneered CAR T-cell immunotherapy for cancer at CHOP, and Jesse Taylor, MD, and Gregory Heuer, MD, PhD, the surgeons who led a team that separated conjoined twins in 2016. Each of the 22 episodes – which also includes a special COVID-19 series called “Where We Are Now – explores the visionary research that is driving cutting-edge clinical care at CHOP – and the role philanthropy plays in this important work.

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