Spotlight: The Shots Book: A Little Brother’s Superhero Tale

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Fourteen-year-old author Ethan Posard writes, “Sometimes it takes a kid to explain something to another kid.” That is exactly what Posard seeks to do with his children’s book The Shots Book: A Little Brother’s Superhero Tale.

The author is the younger brother of student filmmaker Camille Posard, who wrote the student documentary Invisible Threat. The book uses Ethan’s experience participating in the documentary to illustrate the importance of vaccines and the concept of herd immunity. It also empowers young readers by emphasizing their role in keeping others in the community safe when they are vaccinated. Ethan writes on his website: “Those kids fighting cancer, needing transplants, or battling other diseases are the real heroes and I want them to know they have a friend who cares.”

Ethan’s unique point of view and storytelling illustrate the importance of vaccines on a young person’s level. You can help Ethan’s cause by adding the book to your child/children’s personal library. When people purchase a copy of the book, Ethan will donate another copy to a children’s hospital library. A 20 percent discount on the book is currently being offered to Parents PACK readers; simply use the code FMEJ3E5Q:

In conjunction with the publication of the book, the highly acclaimed Invisible Threat is currently being offered as a free rental on Vimeo. The code for free viewing is TheShotsBook.

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