Spotlight: The Vaccine Mom – How to talk to your children about vaccines

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Taryn Chapman is a mother, an immunologist/molecular microbiologist, and the author of the blog, The Vaccine Mom. She uses her studies in biology, chemistry, molecular medicine, virology and vaccinology, as well as training in microbiology and immunology, to educate readers not only about the importance of vaccines, but also the science behind them. Taryn was consistently getting questions from fellow mothers on vaccines — were they necessary, safe, effective? So she created a platform from which to educate and discuss vaccination directly with parents.

Taryn recently featured a post that offered tips and suggestions about how and when to discuss vaccination with your child and how these talks can help allay the common fears and stresses children associate with getting vaccinated. Her tips included:

  • It’s never too early to start talking about vaccines
  • Educate yourself so you can help put your kids at ease
  • Be honest about the pain, but also the positives
  • Reward and praise their bravery
  • Use teaching tools
  • Keep the conversation going

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