Vaccine News & Notes — August 2018

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Nasal spray flu vaccine back; learn more about how and why

The intranasal influenza vaccine will once again be available during the upcoming flu season (2018-19). Watch as Dr. Paul Offit, VEC Director, explains what happened with the vaccine and why it is now available after a three-year hiatus.

CDC offers different kind of “baby-proofing”

The phrase “baby-proofing” conjures images of cabinet locks, outlet covers, gates for stairs, and foam padding on furniture corners. But, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests a different kind of baby-proofing. In their Ultimate Babyproofing Plan, they present six points related to why on-time vaccination using the recommended immunization schedule is the best way to protect your baby from 14 infectious diseases.

A 19th century presidential thank — on You Tube

Voices for Vaccines, a parent-led vaccine advocacy group, helped bring history to life recently with a new and unique video capturing a historical exchange. In the early 19th century, then-president Thomas Jefferson composed a letter to Edward Jenner on behalf of the whole “human family” thanking him for his efforts in creating the smallpox vaccine — a first step in eliminating the deadly disease from the earth. The Voices for Vaccines video presents the text of Jefferson’s words in an audio and visual format to help us remember just how meaningful Jenner’s work was for all of us.

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