Spotlight: The VEC has joined the Pinterest community!

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The Vaccine Education Center (VEC) is excited to join Pinterest, under The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) umbrella. The CHOP Pinterest area launched earlier this month and includes information about programs and topics related to children’s health. As part of this effort, the VEC is developing boards around common vaccine-related topics and concerns.

One of the VEC boards is devoted to newborns and infants, including pins to resources and information for parents of preterm babies. The other is devoted to our free online trivia game, Just the Vax, where users can test their knowledge about vaccines. Additional boards are planned to cover a wide range of topics including boards for additional age groups as well as vaccine safety and science. If you are on Pinterest, we hope you will find these boards to be helpful for easily locating and compiling vaccine-related information important to your family.  

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