International Pediatric Lung Transplant Collaborative (IPLTC)

The International Pediatric Lung Transplant Collaborative (IPLTC) represents the first major effort to specifically review both old and current data related to lung transplantation. The goal of conducting a study of this kind is to learn more about pediatric lung transplantation. By using the experience of many transplant centers, pediatric lung transplantation will be better understood.

The purpose of this research study is to discover what determines how pediatric lung transplants fail and succeed. All parts of the transplant process are studied, including:

  • The transplant evaluation and the events leading up to actual transplant
  • Specific medical information about the patient
  • Information collected before, during and after the lung transplant surgery and any complications seen in this period
  • All medications taken following a lung transplant
  • The development and incidence of complications such as acute rejection, infection and complications
  • Quality of life data
  • Long term outcome and survival

Next Steps