Supplier Diversity Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have registered in CHOP's Supplier Database. What are the next steps?

A: Once you have registered in our database, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your information was submitted successfully. Our team will review the information you submitted and contact you if additional details are needed before your company is added to our list of potential partners.

Q: Does supplier registration make me a “preferred” or approved supplier?

A: No. Registration does not certify your company as a “preferred” or “approved” supplier. Rather, registration gives us ready access to your company’s information, and this information is used to consider your company for future work.

Q: Does supplier registration guarantee an award of a CHOP contract or placement on a bid list?

A: No. Supplier registration does not guarantee your business will be invited to bid or awarded contracts with CHOP or its affiliates; just that your business will be vetted for consideration on future work.

Q: I am a person of color, woman, veteran, disabled veteran, LGBTQ or small business vendor, located in a HUD Zone or a certified diverse business. How can I do business with CHOP?

A: CHOP’s process to do business with potential suppliers is the same for all suppliers. To be considered for doing business with CHOP, you must first register in our Supplier Database.

Q: Does CHOP certify diverse vendors?

A: CHOP does not certify diverse vendors. We recognize certifications from third party organizations and/or state/government agencies. Some certifications we recognize include:

  • Federal, state, local government offices
  • Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council

Q: Do diverse vendors need to be certified?

A: While certification is not required to do business with CHOP, we encourage vendors to become certified with an area agency.

Q: How does CHOP find a diverse vendor?

A: CHOP utilizes several approaches to identify diverse vendors.

  • We leverage our strategic partnerships who advocate for diverse vendors.
  • We have access to databases that supplement our face-to-face interaction at various events.
  • We also use our supplier database and a thirty-party software tool to identify vendors.

Q: How does CHOP’s Supplier Diversity Program help diverse suppliers potentially do business with the company?

A: We promote diversity growth in our CHOP supplier base through the following process:

  1. Work with Sourcing to identify upcoming, product and service procurement opportunities.
  2. Identify qualified, diverse suppliers to participate in upcoming procurement opportunities.
  3. Screen identified diverse suppliers to determine whether a match exists between suppliers' capabilities and business requirements.
  4. Refer the identified suppliers to Sourcing to be included in the request for proposal (RFP) process.
  5. Advocacy and awareness

Q: What is a Capability Statement?

A: A capability statement is a concise, one-page document of your business competencies. Think of it as your business's resume.

Q: Systems are great, but can I talk to a live person?

A: Our process is designed in the most efficient way for supplier information to be reviewed by our team. If, during any step of the process, you experience technical problems or have questions, please call us at 267-426-2400. Thank you.