Transition to Adulthood for Young Adults with Chronic GI Conditions Program

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Transition to Adulthood team for Chronic GI Conditions Program includes pediatric gastroenterologists, psychologists, social workers, and other healthcare providers. Together, we work to ensure a smooth transition from pediatric gastrointestinal (GI) care to adult care.

Your clinical team will work closely with you and your family to prepare you for the eventual transition of care years in advance. Our goal is to empower each young adult patient to take increasing responsibility for their healthcare in a supportive environment. We will provide the tools and resources necessary to navigate the transfer of care process successfully.

CHOP GI Transition Resources


The Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (GI) is committed to helping our patients make a smooth transition from pediatric to adult healthcare. This process requires collaboration between patients, parents, and the healthcare team, starting in young adolescence with a goal of transfer of care by age 22.

We have identified several key areas for our patients to focus on when preparing for a successful transition:

  • Early discussion of transition during office visits with your medical team.
  • Taking an active role in medical decision making with your family and medical team and becoming an expert in your own medical history.
  • Consideration of how being a young adult with a chronic illness can affect other areas of your life, including: applying for college, finding employment, use of alcohol and drugs, and sexuality.
  • Familiarizing yourself with your health insurance and prescription medications and how to navigate these systems.
  • Deciding with your medical team and family as to which adult specialist will be the best fit for your condition and geographic location.

Our division’s stepwise transition guidelines provide a more detailed framework for this process. View our guidelines.

Transition Podcasts

The GI Transition Team has developed a series of podcasts to detail our philosophy for transitioning patients to adult care via a gradual, comprehensive process that takes place over several years. Families can watch any of the videos below to gain a better understanding of the transition process, the team of professionals who will ease the transition, and what to expect from adolescence to young adulthood.

An Introduction to the Gastroenterology Transition Team (16:19)
Featuring Lindsey G. Albenberg, DO, Art Kastl, MD, and Elizabeth Clabby Maxwell, MD, MS

GI Transition: The Psychosocial Team (7:09)
Featuring Art Kastl, MD, Christina E. Holbein, PhD, and Muzna Gulamali, MSW

GI Transition: Ages 12 to 14 (18:56)
Featuring Art Kastl, MD, and Elizabeth Turner, PhD, MS

GI Transition: Ages 15 to 17 (17:17)
Featuring Art Kastl, MD, and Christina E. Holbein, PhD

GI Transition: Ages 18 and up (23:52)
Featuring Art Kastl, MD, and Caroline Wilkes, PsyD, MA

Get more details and support about the Transition to Adulthood for Young Adults with Chronic Conditions. We offer resources and videos about how best to transition care, preparing early, care binders, health insurance, growing up, college and employment, as well as real-world advice from young adults who’ve been in similar circumstances.

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