Vincenzo's SDU Story

When Kate and Donald learned their unborn son had gastroschisis and would require expert care immediately after birth, they decided to get a second opinion at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment. After their evaluation and a tour of the N/IICU and Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit, they knew they had found the right place.


Vincenzo's SDU Story

Vincenzo's Mom: At 12 weeks we went to get just regular routine genetic testing done, and they suspected that there might be a problem. Vin was born with gastroschisis, which is an abdominal wall defect where there is a hole in the abdomen, and in Vin’s case almost all of his intestines were outside of his body. We were acutely aware of the importance of delivering at the same hospital where our baby would be treated.

Vincenzo's Dad: We actually called my uncle who lives in Florida. He’s a pediatrician, and we had asked him, you know, “Have you ever heard of this?” And he actually said, “Yes.” And said, “Don’t go anywhere else other than the Children’s Hospital. That’s where you want to go.”

Vincenzo's Mom: They completely put our minds at ease. Seeing all of our nurses and doctors and just remembering actually even seeing, you know, where he stayed in the NICU.

Vincenzo: I got to see where I was born, and it was like, really cool to see it, because I’ve only seen it in pictures. Never in person.

Vincenzo's Mom: There was a time where we weren’t sure, you know, will everything be normal? How will he grow up? But, for the most part, we’ve had no issues. It’s been wonderful. And he’s also playing lacrosse other than being a hockey goalie. Yes, he loves his video games. Just going to school and being with his friends, and just having a lot of friends and being a normal kid.

Vincenzo's Dad: We’re so grateful for all the doctors, the nurses. It is a place of miracles. It really is, and we feel blessed.

Topics Covered: Gastroschisis

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