Why Choose CHOP for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) Care

The majority of babies born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) suffer life-threatening complications as neonates and can have numerous setbacks throughout childhood. Comprehensive management by a team experienced with both the short- and long-term effects of this condition is vital. From the moment of prenatal diagnosis through delivery, surgery and follow-up care, attention to the tiniest detail matters.

At Our Experience with CDH More than 1,794patients referred to the CFDT471babies with CDH delivered in our Special Delivery Unit since July 2008 More than 648patients with CDH repaired postnatally278CDH patients on ECMO All numbers except deliveries reflect data from 1995-January 2022 at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we see a very large volume of CDH patients spanning the spectrum of severity. Such a high level of exposure to the unique issues that affect these children has resulted in an unparalleled approach to their management and improved outcomes.

We offer a rare continuity of care, including advanced prenatal imaging, prenatal treatment options, surveillance and planned delivery in our Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit (SDU), immediate stabilization at birth, a unique Neonatal Surgical Team, specialized care throughout your child’s stay in our Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit (N/IICU) and a network of psychosocial support services.

And our commitment to your child continues well after discharge, with a dedicated follow-up program that brings together experienced specialists across many disciplines to monitor and treat children through early childhood and adolescence, tracking outcomes to improve understanding and care for future generations.

The decision to choose CHOP was a no-brainer. The expertise of the medical team and the quality of the facilities were both so much better than what was available near home.Elizabeth, mom of CDH patient Milana

To help you make decisions about your child's care, we encourage you to read these frequently asked questions about CDH, where we answer some of the most common questions families ask.

Watch the video below following one family's journey with a prenatal CDH diagnosis through treatment at our center to learn more about what to expect and the care you can expect to receive here at CHOP.

Screenshot of CFDT tour video

Tour our Fetal Center

Watch this video tour to learn what to expect at your first visit to the Wood Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment.

Pregnant Mom and Child

What to Expect

From the moment of referral through delivery and postnatal care, your family can expect a supportive experience when you come to us with a diagnosis of a birth defect.

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