Craniofacial Program Patient Stories

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A New Ear: Lilliana’s Story

Lilliana was born with only one ear due to hemifacial microsomia, a condition in which the tissues on one side of the face are underdeveloped. Doctors at CHOP gave Lilliana a new ear.

Goldenhar Syndrome: Emily’s Story

Emily Merrill

Born with tetralogy of Fallot and Goldenhar syndrome, Emily has endured dozens of surgeries in the past 14 years, and her mission is to teach kindness and acceptance.

Goldenhar Syndrome & Von Willebrand Syndrome: Aidan's Story

Aidan was born with Goldenhar syndrome and Von Willebrand syndrome, two rare genetic conditions that need expert medical management. He receives care from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia at CHOP Specialty Care Centers in New Jersey.