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Tasty and Healthy

This study hypothesizes that a flexible dietary intervention of excluding processed and pro-inflammatory ingredients will improve the rate of clinical remission and mucosal healing in Crohn's disease patients, without the need for liquid formula or structured rigid diet. Additionally, the study hypothesizes that home kits of fecal calprotectin, can personalize the diet thereby increasing feasibility for maintenance therapy in some patients.

Weight Trajectory with ETI

Use of elexacaftor-texacaftor-ivacaftor ("ETI"), also known as Trikafta, is associated with weight gain in most people with cystic fibrosis (CF) who take this medication. However, some people gain more or less weight than is expected, and this can be either beneficial or problematic based on the individual's starting weight. The goal of this study is to compare factors between children and young adults with CF who have either had robust or minimal weight gain after one year of treatment with ETI. This observational study requires one study visit to CHOP that will last approximately 6 hours. 


The goal of this study is to find out if we can develop a digital health approach that can increase sleep duration and improve growth outcomes in children.