About the Division of Hematology

The Division of Hematology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia provides inpatient and outpatient services for children and adolescents with all hematologic disorders other than malignancies.

Outpatients are seen in two locations: the CHOP Specialty Care Center in King of Prussia, PA and CHOP Specialty Care and Surgical Center in Voorhees, NJ. Clinical hematology laboratories are located in the clinic areas at both locations.

Inpatients are admitted to Children's Hospital and are seen daily by the attending hematologist and a hematology fellow. Hematologists will arrange consultations with physicians in other subspecialties as needed for your child’s condition.

At CHOP, your family will have access to social work and other family-centered services within the Division of Hematology and throughout the Hospital. We will also work with your child's referring physicians to keep them informed about your child's diagnosis and treatment so they can remain part of your child's care team.

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