Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit Patient Stories

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Gastroschisis: Vincenzo’s Story

Vincenzo with his parents in the N/IICU

Diagnosed prenatally with the abdominal wall defect gastroschisis, Vincenzo’s family traveled to CHOP for delivery and expert surgical repair. See how he's doing 10 years later.

Giant Omphalocele: Charlotte's Story

Fetal Patient Charlotte Checkup

Diagnosed before birth with giant omphalocele, Charlotte came to CHOP for delivery, surgery and follow-up care by a team experienced in caring for this birth defect.

Giant Omphalocele: Jackson's Story

Jackson at the pool

Casey and Bryan Kirsch were determined to give their son Jackson every chance to live a healthy life when they learned that he had a giant omphalocele.

Spina Bifida: Caoimhghin's Story


Caoimhghin was diagnosed before birth with spina bifida, and was the very first baby delivered in the Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit at CHOP.