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No Gift More Precious

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Zion hugging a puppy

Read heartwarming transplant stories and the astonishing transformation transplant patients undergo.

Zion Harvey in the News

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Zion with Mom Pattie

Local, national and international media outlets were once again inspired by Zion and his medical team. Check out the sampling of coverage that features Zion and his amazing story.

Historic Double Hand Transplant

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Zion Harvey received a double hand transplant at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia — first child to undergo this procedure. Zion received OT and PT several times a day during his recovery.

Zion’s Story - Double Hand Transplant

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By any measure, 8-year-old Zion Harvey has led an extraordinary life. At the age of 2, he developed sepsis, a life-threatening infection that led to the amputation of his feet and hands. The illness also damaged his kidneys and, two years later, Zion underwent a kidney transplant — receiving an organ donated by his mother, Pattie Ray.