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Make the Diagnosis: Fall 2022

Avery, a 5-year-old male, presents to the pediatrician for his well-child visit. His parents report that he is growing and developing well, but that they are concerned about recurrent nosebleeds that are happening most nights over the past week.

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Young Attending’s Corner

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While orthopedic training can prepare you for the nuts and bolts of surgery (sometimes literally), as a new attending, what I have been most struck by in my transition to practice is the unique honor, responsibility, and opportunity it is to take care of all our patients, but especially those with congenital limb deformities and differences.

News at CHOP: Summer 2022

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Madeline w/ Dr. High

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia awarded its Gold Medal to Katherine High, MD, a gene therapy pioneer and one of the lead developers of the first in vivo gene therapy approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).