About the Refractory Neuroblastoma Program

The refractory neuroblastoma treatment group offers exceptional personalized care to children with refractory (relapsed) neuroblastoma, including treatment with unique therapies.

As an established program with an excellent reputation, we receive many referrals from around the world and treat a large volume of cases. 

Our group is comprised of international leaders in neuroblastoma treatment who are able to offer families a large portfolio of clinical trial options and unrivaled support services.

Our practice approach

Five attending oncologists who are refractory neuroblastoma experts oversee the treatment of all children who come to CHOP's Cancer Center with refractory neuroblastoma. Each one of our patients is assigned to a specific attending physician who knows the child's and family's unique clinical and social needs.

In addition to attending pediatric oncologists, the refractory neuroblastoma treatment group is comprised of oncology nurse practitioners, social workers, a case manager, an outpatient scheduler, and clinical research assistants. This group meets each week to discuss every new patient and patients who are currently undergoing treatment, so everyone knows the status of every patient and works in concert to coordinate their care.

Next Steps
New Patients, Referrals and 2nd Opinions
Existing Patients or Family Members