Clinical Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment
of Children with Fever

  • EPIC Sepsis Screen
  • Recent Travel Screen
  • Infectious Disease Exposure Screen
  • Isolation & Infection Control Considerations
Sepsis Screen
FLOC, RN Team Assessment
  • History and Physical
  • Determine Signs, Symptoms of Suspected/Recognizable Bacterial or Viral Infection
Age > 56 days – 24 months
Age > 24 months
  • History & physical-directed evaluation
Posted: October 2018
Revised: October 2022
Authors: K. Cohn, MD, MPH; F. Balamuth, MD, PhD; R. Marchese, MD; F. Henretig, MD; J. Gerber, MD, PhD; K. Chiotos, MD; L. Bell, MD;
A. Grossman, MD; J. Hart, MD; T. Metjian, PharmD; J. Burham, MD; J. Lavelle, MD; C. Jacobstein, MD; A. Vinograd, MD; E. Sanseau, MD