Clinical Pathway for Management of Gastrostomy Tube Complications

Identify the type and maturity of G/G-J/J tube in LDA
Basics of tube/stoma care:
Erythema around Stoma
Granulation Tissue
Irritant Dermatitis
Enlarged stoma/keyhole
Resource Expertise
General Surgery Any G-tube or J-tube placed by General Surgery
Interventional Radiology (IR) Problems with any initially placed tube by IR and all G-J tubes
GI G-Tube Nurse Problems with replacement G-tubes that were initially placed by IR
Replacement tubes followed by GI
Reviewed by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Clinical Care Committee: May 2019
Posted: May 2019
Revised: October 2020
Authors: Acord, M. MD; Stetzer, M. CWOCN; Crawford, J. ACCNS-P; Thompson, L. PA-C; Hillman, J. CRNP; Jang, L. CRNP; Boroughs, A. CWOCN; Rhodes, K. CRNP; Ehritz, C. ACCNS-P; Ryan, M. MD; Laje, P. MD