Inpatient and Emergency Department Clinical Pathway for Preoperative Care and Preparation of Children for Anesthesia/Sedation

Exclusions: Cardiac OR, SDU, N/IICU
  • Goal: Avoid unnecessary delay of procedure
  • All inpatients should be ready for transport to procedure area by 0600 for an 0700 induction regardless of scheduled procedure time.
  • For updated OR and NPO times call
    • Periop Flow Facilitator: 71848, after 0800
    • MRI: 79743
    • Interventional Radiology: 57080
    • Nuclear Medicine: 57090
    • Radiology Flow Facilitator: 18527
    • Sedation: 11733
Pre-Op Preparation Requirements
  • Begin preparation up to 24-hours prior to procedure
  • Aim to complete tasks night prior
  • Use Inpatient Preoperative/Preprocedural Orders to enter all orders
Pre-Operative Lab Studies
Recommendations by subspecialty, procedure
OR/Radiology Ready
Communication and Handoff
  • Notify guardian of patient transport
  • Pre-op and Bedside RN handoff
    • Bedside RN Documentation
    • Epic Pre-op Checklist AND Electronic Handoff
  • Transport to OR determined by PACU/Anesthesia
Requirements for Trained Healthcare
Team Member
to transport to PACU

Transport Tech

All Patients who do
not meet criteria for RN/RT or trained healthcare team member pick up
Steps in Preparing the
Patients for Surgery.
Start up to 24 hrs prior
to Scheduled Procedure.
Posted: August 2020
Revised: October 2021
Authors: C. Pasquariello, MD; E. Carroll, RN; K. Dunn, RN; A. Weintraub, MD; K. Devine, CRNP; J. Jacob-Frese, RN; J. Hahn, RN; N. Plachter, CRNP; D. Howard, RN; M. Peyser-Friedman, CRNP; P. Laje, MD; K. Gallagher, RN; T. Metjian, PharmD; M.K. Abbadessa, RN; T. Smith, CRNP