Clinical Pathway for Evaluation and Treatment of Suspected Sepsis in N/IICU Patients
RN Notifies FLOC and Requests Bedside Huddle
RN, FLOC, +/- Attending or Fellow Huddle to Evaluate Signs/Symptoms Concerning for Sepsis:
  • Vital Signs Trends
  • Ins and Outs
  • Labs within Last 24-48 Hours
  • High-risk Conditions
  • Congenital Heart Disease
Initial Workup:
Initial Workup (if not already complete):
Does patient meet criteria for infection, sepsis or severe sepsis?
RN and FLOC reassess every 30-60 minutes
Ongoing Management of Septic Shock:
Posted: September 2018
Revised: February 2022
Authors: L. Srinivasan, MBBS; S. Gattoline, PharmD; K. Bordner, MPAS; S. Coggins, MD; J. Gerber, MD; K. Gibbs, MD; M. Harris, MD; M. Hayes, PharmD; T. Metjian, PharmD; D. Munson, MD; U. Nawab, MD; M. Padula, MD